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Candle Care 

How to safely get the best burn from your new Soy and Glo Candle.


  • First burn should be 2-3 hours : This allows the candle to create a melt pool across the diameter of the candle vessel . Candle wax has memory , burning across on the first burn helps  with future burns by avoiding "tunneling" .

  • Keep your wick trimmed between each burn (trimmed 1/4") , this can be done with wick clippers,  nail clippers or even your fingers(once wax is cool and solid).


  • Place candle on a flat and stable surface.


  • Never attempt to move a burning candle. 


  • Do not allow a candle to burn out of sight.


  • Do not burn on/near any flammable objects. 


  • Always keep candles away for children and pets . 

Wax Melts

How to safely use your Sow and Glo wax melts.


  • Break a piece of your wax bar and place on a wax warmer. 

  • Use your wax warmer on a flat stable surface.


  • Always ensure that you do not overfill your bowl. 


  • Do not eat . 


  • Never attempt to move wax warmer with melted wax . 


  • Do not use wax warmer on /near any flammable objects. 


  • Do not leave wax melter on when you are not home. 


  • Keep melted wax away from children and pets. 

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